Telephony Pricing


Telephony services are available on plans with Yembo's CRM features enabled. Yembo telephony services include phone numbers, calls, voicemail, call logging, call forwarding, recording, SMS/MMS, and round-robin dialing.

Yembo has partnered with Twilio to provide global telephony services. Yembo passes through Twilio's pricing for related telephony products and services. This article explains in more detail how Twilio's specific services are charged.


How phone numbers are charged


Phone numbers are charged monthly on the anniversary of the day the phone number was first provisioned. For example, a phone number provisioned on March 20 would renew on April 20 the following month. If the anniversary day doesn't exist in the month, the renewal will take place on the last day of the month (e.g., a number provisioned on March 31 would renew on April 30).

If an employee account is deleted, the phone number will be canceled and it may not be available for purchase in the future.


How calls are charged


Yembo passes along Twilio's Voice pricing, which is charged per minute. Phone calls are rounded up to the nearest minute and cent (e.g., a 65-second call would be billed at 2 minutes). Twilio's current call pricing is linked below:

How call forwarding is charged

When an incoming call is made to one of your Yembo phone numbers and gets forwarded, you will be charged for two separate calls according to the rates associated with those calls:

  • The incoming call that was made to the Yembo phone number
  • The outgoing call from the Yembo phone number to the phone number on file

For more complete information and examples, see Twilio's article on call forwarding pricing.


How Caller ID is charged


Yembo uses CNAM caller ID to simplify identifying users as they call into Yembo. Twilio's current pricing for CNAM lookups is $0.01 per lookup.


How call recording is charged


Call recordings are billed per minute of recording. Once calls are recorded they are stored according to Yembo's Data Storage Policy. Twilio's current call recording pricing is linked below:

How SMS and MMS messages are charged


Yembo supports sending and receiving SMS messages with SMS-enabled phone numbers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. MMS messages are supported in USA and Canada only.

SMS and MMS usage is charged according to Twilio's current SMS/MMS pricing, rounded up to the nearest cent. Twilio's current SMS/MMS pricing is linked below:

SMS and MMS messages generally cannot be sent between phone numbers from different countries (except for USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico).


Be aware - SMS and MMS units are billed by unit


SMS and MMS messages are billed by unit, not per message. An SMS sent via Yembo can consist of one or more units. If you're only using characters in the English alphabet, each unit is 140 characters. Otherwise, if you're using foreign characters, images, or emoji, a unit can contain fewer characters.