Surveys for every situation,
made faster and easier by
Yembo AI




When the customer wants to record on their own time



Smart Consult

When you want a guided video survey




When you are going 
in the home



Fully Managed Surveys

When you prefer to outsource your survey

Survey Solution I

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Customers can survey on their own time in just 7 minutes!

Consumers record quick
videos from their phone

Entirely browser-based. 
No app download required



Yembo's AI creates
an inventory list instantly

Any questions? Chat via text
or a follow up video call any time

See what Visual Inventory is all about

Move coordinators
get the Visual Inventory right away

No delays — go from lead to booked
in as little as 18 minutes (true story)

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You can survey
customers 24/7 on your site

Customers can request a quote and survey 
right away using the Yembo Self-Survey

Survey Solution II

Survey Solution II

A Smart Consult lets Yembo AI do the work of building the inventory list, allowing you to focus on your customer

One-click Joining

To join the Consult the customer just 
clicks a link you have sent them over text 
or email — no app download required!



Real-time AI Cubing

Take snapshots and watch the AI identify the
items and build the inventory list in real time, 
saving time and ensuring accuracy

See what Visual Inventory is all about

Visual Confirmation of Inventory

After the survey is complete, you can share 
the inventory with the customer, who can view 
the items in the snapshots and confirm everything 
is accurate


Survey Solution III


Use your tablet to visually document your in-home consultation with Yembo AI

  • Leverage Yembo's AI to assist walkthroughs in the customer's home
  • Inventory list is synced to Yembo's secure platform. Not just a list, but detailed photos of all items as well
  • Get confirmed Visual Inventory & E-Sign estimates before leaving the customer's home
See what Visual Inventory is all about

Survey Solution IV

MS - Managed Survey 1

A fully managed start-to-finish survey service using Yembo’s AI

Completely outsource the entire process to us - from customer contact to delivering a completed Visual Inventory and cubesheet


Trained surveyors experienced with Yembo

Hour Class

Visual Inventory delivered on the same day


Order anytime with just a click of a button

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All Yembo surveys generate a trust-building Visual Inventory for your customer

The Yembo Visual Inventory will separate you from your competition & build confidence in the quote


With video surveys becoming the norm, it's more important than ever that your technology provider takes security seriously.

Hour Class

At Yembo, we use a 3rd party firm called Intruder to perform monthly penetration testing.


We received a security grade of A+ from the Qualys SSL test. See the report here.