Offering a best-in-class survey experience to your customers

UniGroup® has partnered with Yembo to give our network a simplified and cost-effective option for surveys (self, virtual and in-home). Yembo provides cutting-edge, AI-powered virtual survey technology which will improve and simplify the customer experience. For Co-Op members, this enables integration with Quotes-To-Go for local surveys and the partnership results in special van line pricing!

Yembo Virtual Survey Recording

Improve survey speed by 3X

Quote 3 - 5x as many customers in the same time with Yembo's AI-powered surveys

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Yembo's artificial intelligence detecting room items to move

Higher survey accuracy

Reduce human error and improve survey accuracy by up to 50%

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Increase sales without adding staff

Increase sales
without adding staff

Yembo AI surveys can be completed by customers on their own, anytime they want

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Better customer

Provide your customers with the fastest, easiest and best virtual survey experience

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Watch webinar: “Success Secrets from Hilldrup” 

Success Secrets from Hilldrup Cover-1-1
Onie Headshot
Onie Girton
SVP Sales & Client Services, Hilldrup
Bill Headshot
Bill Slade
VP of Product, Yembo

Transform Your Moving Business

‍"Yembo has been a game changer for how we interact with our customers during the critical pre-move survey."
Mike Larson
Mike Larson
Two people standing in from of United truck
positive feedback from customers
reduction in survey time
decrease in actual weight variance

Watch webinar: Yembo + Unigroup® Partnership for Your Local Moves

Unigroup and Yembo Partnership
Carrie Hammond
Carrie Hammond
Director, Product Development UniGroup
Bill Slade
Bill Slade
VP of Customer Success, Yembo
Siddharth Mohan
Siddharth Mohan
Founder & CEO, Yembo
Elaine Valentine
Elaine Valentine
Product Lead - Virtual Survey UniGroup

Unigroup members qualify for special Yembo pricing

The Yembo-Unigroup partnership is a full collaboration.  It’s built on mutual success. It goes beyond our best-in-class technology. The Unigroup member network qualifies for special pricing. Get in touch with our team to learn how Yembo can transform your business.