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How Yembo started:

2 AI engineers with a crazy idea

Every pioneering innovation starts with a question.

The question Zach (the guy with the beard) had was, "Why do moving companies have to visit someone's home when almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket?"  

It's time consuming, inefficient, and expensive to visit someone's home, just to give them an estimate. Zach should know because his wife used to be a moving coordinator.

There had to be a better way.  And of course there was. AI-powered virtual surveys would be faster, better, and more convenient. For the moving company and their customers.  

And so he convinced fellow AI engineer Sid to join him on a bit of an adventure called Yembo. From our start in the moving industry, to bringing our best-in-class AI product to the insurance industry - we're just getting started on our mission.

Yembo's mission is to bring digital transformation to home service companies through best-in-class artificial intelligence products.

Our culture and values

Yembo's best-in-class AI product is built by an amazing team. We work hard, support each other, and have fun. We are driven by the following 5 core values:

Blue Carrot Make our customers' lives easier
We delight our customers by understanding their needs, backing up our words with action
Blue Carrot Find fulfillment
We find happiness and satisfaction through providing value and purpose and always remember to have fun
Blue Carrot Take ownership
We find undiscovered needs and opportunities for improvement and do what it takes to deliver
Blue Carrot Deliver excellence by being 10x
We strive for outsized impact and effectiveness, are driven by clear goals and priorities, and let our results speak for themselves
Blue Carrot Collaborate effectively through teamwork
We have each other's backs and collectively act for the good of the company with shared trust developed through thoughtful communication

Yembo's best-in-class product is built by a world-class team. Using the latest in AI, deep learning, computer vision, and robotics - we're on the cutting edge.


Zach Rattner
Co-Founder & CTO

Our Team

Blue Carrot The Founders
Siddharth Mohan

Siddharth Mohan

Zach Rattner headshot

Zach Rattner

Blue Carrot Engineering
Adnan Ahmad Headshot

Adnan Ahmad

Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Christian Arneson headshot

Christian Arneson

Software Engineer
Kyle Babinowich Headshot

Kyle Babinowich

Software Engineering Manager
Hunter Blanton Headshot

Hunter Blanton

Senior Computer Vision Engineer
John Diaz Headshot

John Diaz

Support Engineer
Brittany Echols Headshot

Brittany Echols

Product Designer
Marc Eder Headshot

Marc Eder

Director of AI
Thomas Gorisse Headshot

Thomas Gorisse

Senior Android Engineer
Maciej Halber Headshot

Maciej Halber

Principal Computer Vision Engineer
Hailey Hansard Headshot

Hailey Hansard

Product Manager
Tiana Hayden Headshot

Tiana Hayden

Software Engineering Manager
Noel Kennebeck Headshot

Noel Kennebeck

Software Engineering Manager
Marguerite Shuster Headshot

Marguerite Shuster

Lead Product Designer
Janpreet Singh Headshot

Janpreet Singh

Senior Deep Learning Engineer
Rita Sus Headshot

Rita Sus

Senior Visual Designer
Evan Tam Headshot

Evan Tam

Senior Software Engineer
CK Udokporo Headshot

CK Udokporo

Lead Product Designer
Devin Waltman Headshot

Devin Waltman

Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Blue Carrot Customer Success
Andrew Bowman Headshot

Andrew Bowman

VP of Customer Success
Daniel Cummings Headshot

Daniel Cummings

Senior Customer Success Manager
Darin Hanson Headshot

Darin Hanson

Sr. Customer Success Manager
Marla Hjalmarson Headshot

Marla Hjalmarson

Senior Customer Success Manager
Ally Holts_Headshot

Ally Holts

Customer Success Representative
Emily Sullivan Headshot

Emily Sullivan

Customer Success Manager
Blue Carrot Business
Ron Armstrong Headshot

Ron Armstrong

Rev Ops Manager
John Barros Headshot

John Barros

Senior Operations Manager
Chris Baughman Headshot

Chris Baughman

VP of Sales
Evan Busch Headshot

Evan Busch

Account Executive
Lisa Chappell Headshot

Lisa Chappell

Senior Marketing Manager
Zach Cross Headshot

Zach Cross

People Ops Generalist
Andrew Dodd Headshot

Andrew Dodd

Enterprise Account Executive
Luc Jackson Headshot

Luc Jackson

Sales Development Representative
Haley Kramer Headshot

Haley Kramer

Sales Development Representative
Ming Lui Headshot

Ming Lui

VP of Finance
Bill Slade Headshot

Bill Slade

VP of Product
Blue Carrot Our Investors
Steve Altman Headshot

Steve Altman

Former Vice Chairman & President, Qualcomm
Arjun Bansal Headshot

Arjun Bansal

Co-founder & CEO at XOKind (hiring)
Lucian Iancovici Headshot

Lucian Iancovici

Partner, TPG Growth
Imagen Capital Partners Headshot

Imagen Capital Partners

Michael Stone Headshot

Michael Stone

TPG Capital