Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Future of Moving Industry Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining how the moving industry does business, and has the potential to catapult relocation companies into a new stage of growth. Companies on the cutting edge are using AI in multiple departments, including sales, customer service, and operations. 

There are industry-specific AI applications that could completely shift the number of customers movers reach and the level of customer success they deliver. In this article, we break down what artificial intelligence looks like today, and how it’s poised to affect moving companies in the future. 

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a subject for sci-fi stories – rather it’s quickly simplifying everyday life.  At a high level, AI is computer software or machines designed to do tasks that would previously require manual, tedious time and effort. 

Here’s how AI works: the software analyzes inputs, such as datasets and its environment. Then, algorithms make classifications, decisions, and predictions based on that information. 

As an algorithm repeats these processes, it undergoes “machine learning” by identifying patterns in the data and improving its performance at the task, even when it’s not being specifically programmed to do so. The result is computer programs capable of solving problems, making recommendations, and performing actions.

How AI Surveys and Other Tools Are Innovating the Moving Industry

AI has finally broken into the moving industry, and it’s reshaping what relocation companies can accomplish. Here are a few ways AI moving surveys and other AI-driven technologies are changing the moving industry:

AI Technology is Revamping Lead Routing 

Artificial intelligence can now improve and speed up move coordination. Some AI technology will automatically schedule leads and route move surveys to sales reps. What’s more, when the move is booked, automation can also assign the best drivers, origin, and destination agents according to availability, routes, and proximity. That all makes it easier for coordinators to assign jobs and reach more customers. 

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AI Surveys Are Lowering Company Expenses and Increasing Customer Success

Moving companies are also using virtual moving surveys that are integrated with AI – and it’s driving down costs. AI-powered virtual move surveys, such as Yembo’s AI Self-Survey, empower customers to easily conduct pre-move surveys on their own. 

AI-powered virtual survey software identifies furniture and packing needs, and calculates a cube sheet inventory for the sales representative to review. The sales representative can then use AI to calculate pricing for the move. Ultimately, AI decreases the total survey and quoting time from over an hour to a few minutes.

If customers prefer working with a survey specialist, there are also AI-augmented solutions that speed up the surveyor’s job by automatically creating a Visual Inventory sheet for them in real time. These AI tools free up sales reps to quote more than three times the number of customers that they could with in-person surveys – opening the company up to more revenue.

This AI technology is both more convenient for busy customers, and frees up moving companies’ customer success teams. With these tools, relocation companies or their potential customers can simply record a video of pre-move items. From there, AI identifies the items, adds them to a Visual Inventory and digital cube sheet, creates an estimate, and files pre-move details in the company’s CRM.

AI-Powered Trucks Could Increase Mover Productivity

AI-powered moving vehicles are another technology that could improve the industry. Some autonomous trucking companies, such as TuSimple, have already completed driverless runs. 

Since self-driving vehicles don’t rely on human drivers, relocation companies could potentially use them to complete cross-country moves with fewer breaks and accidents. Autonomous vehicles could also reduce labor needs, increase productivity, and help companies move more customers – all at a much faster clip. 

Why Should Moving Companies Use AI Technology Now?

AI technology is already propelling relocation companies, lowering their costs, increasing efficiency, and allowing them to reach more customers than ever. Going forward, the companies that embrace the power of AI will be the first to edge out competitors. Have you been wondering how much revenue your company could gain from adopting AI-powered virtual surveys?