How the Digital Transformation is Shaking the Dust Off the Moving Industry


It was a meeting of the minds when former International Association of Movers (IAM) chairperson Georgia Angell and Yembo CEO Siddarth Mohan teamed up to host the Unpacking the Past, Present & Future of Technology in the Moving Industry webinar. The duo broke down the conversations around digital transformation in the moving and relocation services industry. Georgia and Sid started with a discussion of how the moving industry has traditionally managed moves, uncovered ways technology has streamlined previously manual processes, then discussed predictions for how technology will continue to transform the industry.

TL;DR: The shift we’re seeing in companies using digital tools and software to automate the day-to-day tasks that were previously manual is gaining traction. What’s more, the companies that actively use these tools are better-poised to drive revenue and increase customer delight in the long term. 

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There’s an ever-increasing interest in technology and how it will affect the moving and relocation services industry. With the advent of technology we can’t live without, it makes sense that moving services providers would shift to digital tools that help to streamline and automate traditionally manual processes.

How (and Why) Does Technology Help Streamline Efficiency?

Before the digital transformation, nearly everything was cumbersome and labor-intensive. Now we have technology that streamlines every aspect of our lives. From how we communicate to leveraging AI-based software to complete the survey process, technology has streamlined nearly everything we do.

The latest moving technology has introduced communication tools and best-in-class survey platforms. In fact, the right technology helps moving professionals to manage clients, transmit and store move documentation, GPS navigation, and more.

Happiness Equals Expectations Minus Reality

From the customer perspective, moving seems simple: find a mover, get a survey, schedule the move. None of this happens overnight but we live in the age of Amazon Prime. Customers are used to fast turnaround times, so manual surveys and quotes are becoming more and more misaligned with modern expectations. There are a lot of moving parts in the relocation process that customers aren’t aware of, but the latest moving technology can help to streamline some of the processes that might be causing bottlenecks. 

Moving technology adds real-time, reliable data for industry professionals and customers.  Data can change what professionals need to solve any problems that come up during the moving process. Using tools that reduce common friction points can drive an increase in sales, profit margins, and increases revenue. so having analytics solves other challenges and does increase sales, margins, revenue. 

The Technology of Tomorrow in the Relocation Services Industry

AI tools will continue to grow and help by taking on more of the manual tasks that consume a moving professional’s day-to-day. Unfortunately, packing robots are not on the horizon for moving professionals, but how do autonomous trucks sound? 

We predict that move technology will be built with more powerful data and analytics which, in turn, will create better tracking and communication for the industry. 

Watch Our On-Demand Webinar to Learn More About the Technology Shaping the Moving Industry

Technology has defined how industries innovate the status quo. The right technology will play a role in delivering the best customer experience possible and set companies apart. Companies that use state-of-the-art moving software pose themselves as more professional than a company still working off a dispatch board. 

To learn how technology has shaped the relocation services industry and how your business will be affected in the future, access the Unpacking the Past, Present & Future of the Moving Services Industry webinar, now available on-demand.