Inside Look: How Yembo’s AI Moving Surveys Reshaped Work for Surveyor

Sanelo, a major relocation management company, wanted to lower costs, improve customer satisfaction, and build a more efficient moving experience. They decided to adopt Yembo AI’s Self-Survey and Smart Consult products. Since then, the company’s pre-move survey process has been transformed. 

We sat down with a Sanelo surveyor named Hisham to learn how Yembo AI impacts his day-to-day job. Here are some highlights from our conversation.

Company Background

Hisham is a surveyor for Sanelo–an international relocation services company that provides shipping and moving services for 130 years. The company is owned by the global moving giant Santa Fe Relocation and has a network branching across 38 countries. 

A Q&A with Hisham from Sanelo

How were you first introduced to Yembo AI technology? 

“I was first exposed to Yembo in April of last year, when I joined Sanelo. I joined Sanelo to be a surveyor and book consultations with clients.”

How do you use Yembo technology on a typical day?

“For Smart Consult virtual surveys, Sanelo sales executives will book appointments for our shippers with me. If shippers do a Self-Survey I’ll review it. We also ask customers to make commentary when they’re making Self-Survey videos.” 

What challenges were you trying to solve by using Yembo?

“Before Yembo, I had to download an app on a tablet, do a video survey, look at the tablet, and manually enter items that the client was showing me. For other companies, we would use a pen and paper.”

How are things different now that you have Yembo?

“It has been a breath of fresh air. Now I have a laptop in front of me and am able to do everything in front of me. I was a little apprehensive at first because it’s something completely unheard of. In the past, when you sent inventories over to ops or the client, there were never any pictures or maps.” 

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What results have you seen using Yembo?

“Doing Smart Consults saves time, and the AI allows me to focus on the customer instead of looking at my tablet the old way. When I was away for four weeks, we also used the Self-Survey tool. We were able to complete 25-35 surveys per week.” 

Do you have advice for moving professionals who are considering Yembo technology?

“One of the things I tell my employer: ‘you still need the human element. There’s nothing sharper than a human eye.’ There’s a great advantage to having Yembo there. When you take the snapshot, it will identify those key pieces, and give you more time to focus on the customer.” 

How do your customers feel about using Yembo to record their home?

“Clients really like the software. It’s very quick and efficient, very comfortable and friendly. It’s very easy for them to review the inventory and make changes to the scope of the move. 

It also makes the process with the client go much smoother. We send the read-only approval link, just in case the client gets confused.”

What problems does Yembo solve?

“With Yembo you don’t have to look away from the customer. People can move quite quickly. That allows you to focus on the customer and be more of a consultation. 

In the moving industry, there’s also a shortage of surveyors. Yembo offers the Self-Survey tool, which will estimate the volume and boxes for you. It’s a smart tool, so it can cover for a shortage of employees.”

How does Yembo improve customer experiences?

“The collaboration between the AI and my human eye helps the customer. My biggest pro with using Yembo is taking snapshots while still looking at the customer. We’re trying to sell something to a customer, so it’s important to be able to pay attention to the customer.

When you’re trying to sell something for $10,000-20,000, it’s important to be able to pay attention to the customer.” 

What is your favorite aspect of Yembo?

“My favorite aspect? Using Visual Inventory to summarize the move. It saves time. A day where you’d normally do five calls, you can do seven. By not having to use two screens, you’re spending less time, and it’s a smoother experience for the customer.

With visual [pre-move] inventory, there’s also an opportunity to do something for the consumer. That information is powerful. You can share it with realtors and insurance companies, all sorts of things can be done with it.”

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