Q&A: Spirit Movers Surveyor Compares AI to 30+ Years of Moving Tech

After 33 years in the moving industry, William Whaley, a surveyor for Spirit Movers, felt like the industry was lacking technology. He had tried several survey tools, seen fellow workers resist change, and watched technology fail. But then his team adopted Yembo AI Self-Surveys, and he says it has completely changed the game for movers. 

We talked to Whaley about what it has been like to see technology change within the moving industry and why Yembo AI is different. Here’s what he had to say. 

About Spirit Movers

Spirit Movers is a relocation company based in Sarasota, Florida. They’ve been in business for 40 years and have earned several awards for top-tier service, including Atlas Van Lines Best Movers Overall Award,  Atlas 2020 World Class Commitment Award, the Next Door Award, and the 2022 Superior Warehouse Award.

Q&A With Spirit Movers Surveyor William Whaley

What were some challenges your moving company faced prior to using Yembo AI?

“I’ve been in the business 33 years, and we used to do the chicken-scratch survey in the house. I always felt like transportation and moving was behind the curve on technology. When technology moved into the estimating side of things, you wouldn’t believe it. We had little barcode scanners. Drivers and salespeople always fought it.” 

How has Yembo AI helped your company overcome challenges?

“This is the first product that, right out of the gate, shows you what needs to be moved quickly and easily, identifies those pieces, and then matches it up with the cube of boxes. It’s a game-changer for us. I’m so happy to see it arrive at this company.”

What was your onboarding experience like with Yembo AI?

“Training by Emily and the rest of the Yembo team has been a quick learning experience. We’ve been using Yembo for a year and a half now.” 

What is your favorite part about using Yembo AI surveys?

“It offers so much ability for us to help our different customers. I love being able to do it virtually as well as in the home.”

How has Yembo AI affected your company’s relationship with customers?

“It makes it easy for customers to see and understand the moving process. Customers want to look over my shoulder, and I can welcome that. They see that it picked up everything. To the customer, it gives them confidence in the quote.”

How is Yembo AI changing your business?

“Yembo is only getting better and more efficient. It’s a business differentiator. It gives the salesperson more control over their schedule and goals. With it, you can do extra surveys in the morning or at night.

If I can do more quotes. It would be short-sighted not to embrace the technology. The sooner you embrace it the better.”

How has Yembo AI compared to other pre-move survey technology you’ve used?

“I’ve been all over the world in the moving industry over the last 33 years, and until Yembo, I had never seen surveying technology work very well. 

But with Yembo, the AI helps me get more surveys done. It allows me to reach customers outside my area and close a lot more business. 

And my quality of life is so much better because I can do surveys anywhere at any time.”

See How Yembo AI Self-Surveys Work

Want to see how Yembo AI Self-Surveys make it easier to reach more customers, complete more quotes, and gain more trust from customers? Watch our Self-Survey video for an inside look at how this technology works, or book a demo to learn more.