How to Capitalize on Your Moving Company Leads After Business Hours

Many moving companies anticipate leads will decline 20% to 40% in 2023 when compared to the previous year. The confluence of a recession and an increase in interest rates has hurt the real estate market, which has a direct correlation with the moving industry.

As a result, each lead has become more precious for moving companies. In the current scenario, consumers have multiple options to choose from when selecting a moving company, and they seek quotes from four or more companies before making a decision.

So, how does a moving company capitalize on every lead?

One approach is providing a superior customer experience that uses transparency to build trust from the beginning of the relationship. You can use Yembo’s pre-move Visual Inventory to accomplish that, but what if the leads don’t even engage with you? What if you don’t have an opportunity to showcase your superior service? This is precisely what we focus on in this article – how to capitalize on the leads that come in after business hours.

How to bring in moving company leads after business hours

Yembo conducted a study among moving companies and found that 64% of cash on delivery (COD) leads come in after business hours. Converting that large portion of leads into revenue can significantly grow a moving company’s business.

To convert leads, you need to incentivize customers to engage with your company, while disincentivizing them to engage with your competitors.


Start by giving them a landing page that meets their needs faster. A landing page enables consumers to complete their own virtual survey after working hours, without having to talk to a person. Yembo makes this process seamless by providing a turn-key solution:

  • Yembo provides a custom landing page with your branding and tested messaging that encourages consumers to enter their information.
  • That page seamlessly directs them to Yembo’s self-survey product – powered by AI directly from the web browser – without having to go to the App Store to download an app.
  • Yembo technology creates a visual inventory that consumers can access.

How Yembo technology looks in action

Here’s how the Yembo process helps you capitalize on leads. Imagine if your salesperson, now armed with the full virtual pre-move survey information, makes a call to the customer the next business day with a quote. Alternatively, other companies are still calling the customer to schedule a survey. Your company secures a head start, and your leads satisfy their needs faster.

How effective are self-surveys at increasing moving company market share?

Wondering how well self-surveys increase moving leads and revenue?

Here are the results from a study we performed with Yembo customers, including small to mid-sized businesses:

  • Self-survey landing pages generated 16000+ leads
  • 64% of these leads came in after business hours
  • Self-surveys sparked more than $41M in revenue

Using this tool and process alone allows your company to capture market share, even when you aren’t officially at work – making your landing page a spiderweb instead of a trampoline.

Watch our Self-Survey video to see how it benefits you and your customers: