Moving Companies: How Technology Adoption is Changing the Game

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences your customers will face in life. A 2019 poll found more than one in five Americans believe moving is more stressful than planning a wedding. More than a quarter of those surveyed said moving is more stressful than a job interview, and 13% felt it would even be more stressful than one week in jail. 

Not all moving company leaders realize it, but AI technology can help make the moving process easier for your customers, while improving your bottom line and helping your employees grow personally and professionally. Here’s a deeper look at how technology adoption is lifting moving companies to a new level. 

How technology adoption is reshaping the future for moving companies

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is here, and it’s progressing so quickly that most people don’t even realize how advanced it has become. At Yembo, we’re harnessing the power of AI for the moving industry, and we believe that this technology can help your employees grow and develop new skills easily, with tools powered by our sophisticated software solutions and AI machine learning services. Here are a few advantages of this type of technology adoption for moving companies:

  • Build more trust. AI virtual surveys use artificial intelligence to cut much of the tension and tedious detail out of the moving process, so that your customers can trust their belongings with you, and you can build a relationship of trust with them.

  • Lower risk. Our AI virtual surveys back your customers’ moves with an agreed-upon digital visual inventory, which helps to reduce the risk of unexpected claims. 

  • Provide 24-hour service. This technology also allows your team to service customers 24/7 without having to expand business hours. With AI virtual surveys, customers no longer have to wait for an in-home sales visit. Instead, they can quickly and easily complete a virtual survey at their convenience, which helps to make the start of their moving process smoother and less stressful while building a trusted relationship with your team.

  • Secure a competitive edge. You can gain leadership by differentiating your company and the services you provide. Meeting customer demands for in-home self-surveys and assisted virtual surveys helps set your company apart from the competition. With Yembo AI virtual surveys, your customer’s experience is a partnership between your team and our technology. 

See how AI virtual surveys can improve your moving company

Moving can be a job or a career, depending on your perspective. We believe that adopting AI technology can help make moving a more rewarding career for your employees, while also providing your customers with a better experience. 

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