An AI Workflow Companion Has Entered the Workforce. Now What?

AI has officially joined the moving industry’s workforce. Yembo’s AI Workflow Companion is remapping how the typical moving job is done. But what does the arrival of the AI Workflow Companion mean for moving companies, and how will it change work going forward? Here’s what the emergence of the AI Workflow Companion means for the moving industry and how your company could benefit.

What is the AI Workflow Companion?

The AI Workflow Companion is an AI assistant that has been programmed to streamline work within the moving industry. This technology does four important things in seconds:

  1. It recognizes moving items and estimates specifications for all moving items.
  2. It creates a detailed Visual Inventory
  3. It automatically creates estimates and catalogs moving details.
  4. It creates a streamlined moving experience for your workforce and your customers from deal day to move day to settling claims.

Yembo’s AI Workflow Companion works on any smartphone, and it can quickly complete time and labor-intensive processes — including creating pre-move surveys, calculating estimates, preparing moving crews, and keeping track of moving details. That means moving companies and shippers can carry out moves in a fraction of the time, and with significantly less labor, than they’re used to. Moving companies can also gather and share valuable insights about the move throughout the entire moving process. 

Will AI Workflow Companion Replace Workers?

It’s natural to be concerned that AI will replace moving industry workers. Seventy five percent of the workforce says they’re worried AI will make their jobs obsolete. But many moving professionals are misunderstanding how Yembo’s AI Workflow Companion is reducing work — versus replacing jobs. 

Yembo’s AI technology streamlines work, increases efficiency, and raises customer service standards. That means any company or employee that uses this AI technology will gain a significant competitive advantage. As AI Workflow Companion joins the workforce, it won’t replace humans. But rather, companies and members of the workforce that use AI technology will start replacing those who don’t. 

How AI Workflow Companion Changes Moving Jobs

Here’s how Yembo’s AI Workflow Companion improves jobs before, during, and after moving day:

  • Benefits before moves:
    The AI Workflow Companion is available 24/7,  speeds up bookings, and fast-tracks the pre-move process. It passes lead information to sales, auto-calculates quotes, creates pre-move surveys, and provides the information schedulers need to start jobs faster. 

  • Benefits during moves:
    On moving day, AI Workflow Companion lays out detailed visual graphics that describe moving items, including their condition, pictures, and estimates of their specification. Coordinators and crew can use that information to prepare for moves, avoid surprises, and deliver better service.

    These detailed graphics also give customers peace of mind on moving day because they can see that the details about all of their moving items — including any special instructions — will be laid out in front of the moving crew. 

  • Benefits after moves:
    After moves are finished, the company will have visual evidence documenting moving items. That helps moving companies avoid losses if claims or disputes come up. It also avoids “he-said-she-said” scenarios that upset customers.

    AI Workflow Companion also catalogs the details of every move and passes that information along to the moving company. Moving professionals can use those details to see opportunities to reduce emissions levels, improve pricing, and plan for more efficient jobs in the future. 

How AI Workflow Companion is Boosting the Workforce

Here’s how AI Workflow Companion is impacting the moving industry:

  • Moving companies are becoming more efficient.
    By adding Yembo’s AI Workflow Companion to their workforce, moving companies are accomplishing more with less. In one case, a major moving company, Imlach Group, increased their survey capacity 3.5x per surveyor. 

  • Customer satisfaction standards are rising.
    In addition to giving service agents more time to assist customers, AI is also helping raise customer satisfaction. After introducing Yembo AI-assisted surveys to customers, Imlach Group received an average approval rating of 98.6%. 

  • Costs are falling.
    Since Yembo’s AI Workflow Companion can complete pre-move surveys, it’s driving down labor and other costs. For instance, Bliss Moving is hiring less specialized laborers —- who are now able to complete complicated pre-move processes using Yembo’s AI Workflow Companion. As a result, they’ve reduced their survey costs by 30%. 

  • Human errors are declining.
    AI Workflow Companion is also reducing human errors and raising customer service expectations. In fact, JK Moving used it to raise its survey accuracy to 94%. 

  • Moving companies are freeing up time for better services.
    When New World Van Lines added Yembo’s AI Workflow Companion to their workforce, it cut down their total survey time by 42%. They also eliminated 85% of their outsourced pre-move surveys and handled more work in-house — at a lower cost. They can use that extra free time to give customers more attention. 

Learn How AI Workflow Companion is Changing Moving Companies

Moving companies are already using the AI Workflow Companion to gain a competitive advantage, and the results may surprise you. Visit our case study library to read about how AI is creating new possibilities for moving companies.