Q & A: How Yembo AI Redefined Sales Manager’s Workday

Michael Diebrok, a sales manager for Confern, was skeptical about using AI to complete pre-move surveys. After decades of traveling to people’s homes to conduct surveys, he couldn’t imagine handling the entire pre-move process digitally. Then Confern adopted Yembo AI Smart Consult, and he saw costs fall—and customer satisfaction rise.

We interviewed Diebrok to learn what has surprised him about this technology, and how he’s using Yembo AI surveys to land more sales. Here’s what he had to say. 

About Confern

Confern is a Germany-based network of moving companies that completes more than 40,000 moves per year. The organization includes more than 60 partners and 2,000 employees. 

Q&A With Confern Sales Manager Michael Diebrok

How did you react when you were first introduced to Yembo AI technology?

I’ve been in the moving industry since 1996, and when I first was approached about doing surveys virtually with Yembo, I was skeptical. I couldn’t imagine looking at a computer to complete a survey.

But then I realized it works well and saves time for both the customer and the surveyor.

What were your early impressions while using Yembo AI?

From the beginning it wasn’t that difficult. The team started slowly with it. 

I found it’s similar to visiting the client personally, but it saves costs and saves time for our clients.

Feedback is really great. We get good feedback on Yembo.

How do Yembo AI pre-move surveys compare to your previous methods?

You cannot compare a handwritten note to a video call. We’re able to hear it again and again. 

You can view the video again if you aren’t sure what you’ve spoken to the client about. It’s easy to jump back into the call and hear what the outcome was and who the client was.

There’s no comparison between what we used to provide – a simple handwritten list of items – and the Yembo Visual inventory, which provides photos to the customer and crew.

Most importantly, our customers love doing Yembo surveys.

How has Yembo AI affected your scheduling routine?

Previously I would have a partner conduct the survey. This shortens the process, so I can pick an appointment on the calendar right away. 

Now there’s no need to reach out to a partner to wait to schedule an appointment.

What’s your favorite part about using Yembo AI?

It’s having the Visual Inventory to share with the client and to share with the planning department and the crews on the ground. 

Normally they get a piece of paper to load, but with Yembo the planning department can see what’s in the move much better with photos.

How has Yembo AI impacted your daily work capacity?

It speeds up the process, so you save on travel costs and save time. If you have to go in-home, it’s a weeks-long process. Now you can jump into a move immediately.

How has using AI affected your corporate partners?

They’re saving travel costs, saving time to get appointments, and we say to our partners, “Not only can you use Yembo, but you can also add an appointment. Your people will love it."

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