Best-in-Class Practices For Moving Company Sales Training & Management

A productive sales team is critical to a moving company’s success. However, a moving company salesperson’s talent and experience is only part of the equation that drives revenue. Even the most driven salesperson cannot be fully effective without support and resources from management. A study by Data Dwell states that 65% of sales professionals think their biggest barrier is lack of time and resources.

However, it is possible to multiply your existing moving company sales team’s bookings without adding hires. Creating efficient training programs, utilizing technology, and designing streamlined processes will compound a salesperson’s productivity. However, simply providing resources isn’t enough. A new sales management approach is also necessary to create a best-in-class moving company sales team.

Training a High-Performing Moving Company Sales Representative

Moving company sales training and resources should focus on improving their salespeople in these areas: 

Productive Time Management

No matter your booking ratio, more moves surveyed per day will result in more daily bookings. The problem is sales teams spend too much of their day on tasks, such as driving, data entry, and customer service, other than selling. In fact, a study from HubSpot says salespeople only spend a third of their day actually talking to prospects. Movers need to provide software and training that allow sales to survey and quote faster. AI-powered, virtual surveys from Yembo are proven to make moving salespeople 3-5x more productive by reducing survey time from 2 hours to 20-45 minutes.

Responsive Customer Service

The best sales reps excel at providing customers with a top notch moving process from beginning to end. That includes responsive communication, proactive problem solving, understanding needs, and establishing a true connection. Moving companies need to train sales in the right questions to ask, challenge resolution, and provide tools to respond quickly.

Yembo’s integrated software elevates the customer experience and gives sales the tools to provide better service. Yembo Smart Consult increases survey accuracy and allows the surveyor to better focus on the customer relationship. The software automation guides the customer through an intuitive survey, booking, and move process. Meanwhile, visual inventories and online documents create transparency. The software is designed to decrease the number of manual salesperson touch points, but integrated texting allows sales to communicate quickly and easily.

Business Development

Top moving company sales reps develop their own business, accounts, and referrals. However, time-consuming surveys limit their ability to prospect. Managers need to block specific business development time, and provide support and training for prospecting and networking.

Thanks to Yembo AI virtual surveys, a drastic decrease in time-per-lead creates more hours to develop business. In addition, corporate clients and partners increasingly prefer moving companies that embrace technology.


Best-in-class moving company sales reps utilize their support resources. They understand the value in working with other team members to close sales and solve problems. A centralized CRM record of leads and moves improves inter-department communication. The flow of Yembo’s integrated software is designed to create a collaborative process for the entire moving company, from survey to move day.

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Managing a High-Performing Moving Company Sales Team 

A sales team’s success isn’t dependent on just the individuals’ abilities. It’s within a manager’s power to supercharge a moving company’s sales productivity and effectiveness. Smart sales managers build a structure, process, and staffing model that enable growth. Then, they back it up with resources and technology. In fact, the Sales Management Association finds that companies that utilize technology are 57% more effective at sales training and development.

Technology to Succeed

According to Salesforce, high-performing sales teams are 2.3 times more likely to utilize AI guided selling. As the leading provider of artificial intelligence for the moving industry, Yembo provides these tools to make salespeople more productive:

  • The most efficient moving survey and estimate software in the business
  • An integrated CRM to manage leads and customers
  • Website integration to capture and nurture online leads
  • Automated communication processes

Onboarding & Moving Company Sales Training

On average, it takes 11.2 months for a salesperson to become productive (Sales Management Association). However, a top tier sales onboarding program can bring sales hires up to speed 37% faster (Sales Management Association). 

Ryan Hegarty, a Sales Manager with Olympia Moving & Storage, built a moving company sales training program that made inexperienced hires productive within two months. He shares,

“Yembo is the best piece of technology for training. It allows me to coach my team from thousands of miles away as if I’m doing a walk through with them. If we make a new sales rep hire in April, and I use my training plan and Yembo, I feel confident I can get them up to speed come end of May.”

In addition to the ability to observe and train sales from anywhere, Yembo’s AI guides new salespeople through the process and reduces room for error. This allows new hires to be productive as they gain experience.

Maximize Leads Closing

It’s no secret that the key to closing sales is speed of response and consistent followup. Setting up and automating a process for scheduling leads, follow up, and booking leads ensures consistency, speed, and maximum booking potential. The sooner a customer gets a quote in their hands, the more likely they are to book. Yembo provides an out-of-the-box sales automation process that can close a sale as quickly as a record 18 minutes. Plus, the impressive tech creates an exceptional front-end experience that books moves.

Provide Internal Support

Keeping sales focused on selling is the best way to increase productivity. Providing technology to expedite processes is one solution, but staffing support removes tasks from a salesperson’s to-do list. Hire coordinators to take on the majority of the customer service. Add marketers to your team to set up campaigns that source, nurture, and close leads. These investments will make a significant difference in your moving company’s bottom line.

Cost-Effective Staffing Model

The fastest-growing companies are taking advantage of moving virtual surveys’ ability to book moves to or from anywhere. Sales managers that get creative in their staffing models are seeing big payoffs.

For example, some Yembo clients use the technology to create a robust inside sales team. This frees up more experience outside sales teams to tackle the specialized and highest value moves. A centralized remote sales team can support a company’s geographical growth to a new location with less risk. AI virtual surveys’ compensation for skill gaps allows movers to scale their sales for seasonality with temporary or less experienced representatives.

For more examples of out-of-the-box sales models augmented by technology, read our white paper: “Create more efficient and profitable staffing models with AI technology.”

Technology, Process, and Moving Company Sales Training Increase Sales Revenue

At the end of the day, managers have the power to make their existing sales team more effective. If you want to learn how JK Moving implemented these strategies to grow their sales team’s revenue 87% with Yembo, read the case study. Sales teams’ adoption of artificial intelligence is forecasted to grow 137% over the next three years (Salesforce). If you’re ready to implement some of these best-in-class moving sales strategies with Yembo, request a demo.

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