Data Storage Policy

Last Updated: January 8, 2022



Yembo's Data Storage Policy is designed to maximize data availability, comply with applicable laws and industry practices, and reduce unnecessary costs.


Yembo may be contacted at for inquiries related to the Data Storage Policy.

In-scope systems

The Data Storage Policy covers systems in use by Yembo's platform that store customer data. This applies to both textual data uploads such as names and contact information, and multimedia data such as videos.

Retention policy

By default, Yembo retains end user records for 3 years after the record is created. Custom retention policies are available upon request. Depending on the nature of the request, additional data storage fees may apply for certain custom retention policies.
Yembo encrypts customer data using 256-bit AES for both textual and multimedia data. Encryption at rest is provided for both primary and backup data.

Deletion policy

Yembo's platform allows authenticated users to delete records. When a user logs in to the platform to delete information, the data is immediately taken offline and is no longer available on the platform.
Internally, deleted data is stored in Yembo's primary database for 14 additional days after the user requested deletion. During this time, access to the data is limited to authorized Yembo engineering personnel. Afterwards, unless Yembo is required to retain the backups under applicable law or pursuant to a lawful request, such as a court order or legal hold, the deleted records are permanently removed from the primary database. This approach allows Yembo to service support requests to undo deletion in the interim time.
After data is deleted from the primary database, it continues to be stored in offline backups inaccessible from the platform. Access to backups is limited to authorized Yembo engineering personnel until the backups expire. For more information on how Yembo manages backups, see the following section.

Backup policy

Yembo's platform implements an automated backup system for availability and business continuity purposes. To protect against natural disasters, data is backed up in different geographical regions than the primary hosting area whenever possible. For security purposes, backup data is stored in an environment isolated from the live platform, and access to backups is limited to authenticated Yembo engineering personnel.
The primary and backup region the data is stored in varies depending on the environment. See the table below for information on where primary and backup data is physically located:
Login URL
Primary Region
Backup Region
Prod (US)
Moving Virginia, USA Ohio, USA
Prod (US) Insurance Virginia, USA Ohio, USA
Prod (CA) Moving Montréal, Canada Montréal, Canada
Prod (EU) Moving Frankfurt, Germany Ireland
Prod (SG) Moving Singapore Sydney, Australia

Database backups are recorded automatically on a schedule and retained for 1 year. Under certain circumstances, Yembo may be required to retain data, for example, to comply with applicable law, a court order or legal hold.