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"Yembo enabled a 39% increase in our sales win rate."
Kenneth Cohen, Head of Consumer Sales
JK Moving
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Our Team


Siddharth Mohan
Siddharth (Sid) is a expert in Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms and product development. He started his career as an algorithms engineer at Qualcomm Research where he designed algorithms that are part of 3G and 4G wireless technology. These algorithms are shipping in over a billion smartphones each year. Since then, he has held various leadership roles in engineering and product management in Qualcomm where he started multiple new projects that have shipped in robots, computer vision based smartphone security and Internet of things. In the past 3 years working in a hands on role in the area of AI and machine vision, he realized the potential that AI technology will have towards shaping the future. As an eternal optimist, he is working hard to make this new future using AI technology a reality. Sid has a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State and has 10 granted patents with several more pending.
Zach Rattner
Zach is a seasoned software engineer with over 10 years of experience. Zach started his career as a full-stack web developer at in 2008, where he worked on the flashcard studying tool that has since scaled to over 3 million flashcards. Zach joined Qualcomm in 2011 where he held multiple roles, first as a modem software engineer and finally as the software lead for Qualcomm ImpaQt, the company's internal innovation program. Zach holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech ('11), where he graduated third in his class. He is in the top 2% on Stack Overflow and has 7 granted patents with several pending.


Kyle Babinowich
Kyle is a full-stack software developer and technical product leader who focuses on designing and building meaningful, uncluttered user experiences in web and mobile apps. Before Yembo, Kyle worked at IBM as an architect and developer building first-of-a-kind AI applications for clients and helped shape the design of several IBM Watson product offerings. He is passionate about understanding and distilling a client’s need to its simplest solution and bringing that solution to life with code. Outside of work, Kyle enjoys cooking, doing DIY projects around the house, and playing video games with his family.
Kaivalya Deshpande
Kaivalya is an experienced Software developer at Yembo. Kaivalya holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from San Diego State University. He started his career with Tibco software as an Associate software consultant. Prior to joining Yembo, he has worked on applications solving real world problems such as homeless people data consolidation, and translating sign language videos to text. In his free time, he loves to read, go hiking, and watch movies.
Marc Eder
Marc is a computer vision engineer and researcher focused on developing new technologies that enrich the human experience. Before joining Yembo, Marc was part of Geomagical Labs, where he helped to build their augmented reality tool for interior decoration. Previously, he also spent time at Zillow working with the team that developed the Zillow 3D Home® tour. He has a PhD in computer vision from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where his research focused on problems involving 360° imaging. Outside of work, Marc is an avid swimmer and water polo player and is always seeking out new adventures.
Maciej Halber
Maciej is a computer vision enthusiast, researcher, and is excited by all the opportunities 3D computing presents. He earned his Masters at University College London, and his Ph.D. at Princeton University. His research revolved around 3D indoor scene reconstruction and understanding. He has been involved in the development of large indoor scene datasets, Scannet and Matterport3D, used by the computer vision community. Before joining Yembo, Maciej was a member of ATG at Dolby Laboratories, where he worked on VR\AR research. Outside work, Maciej loves all forms of digital visual media, ranging from digital art, graphic novels, animated shows to video-games.
Tiana Hayden
Tiana is a web developer with a background in product support and customer success. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of San Diego and began her career at Google, working at both their main campus in Mountain View and then their European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. While at Google, Tiana supported online users and focused on product improvements to increase their success. She moved into web development to deliver a delightful, reliable and easy experience to users of all skill levels around the world.
Bryan Ivory
Bryan is a software architect and engineer with over 15 years of experience. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a BA in Mathematics-Computer Science and a MAS in Architecture-Based Enterprise Systems Engineering. Bryan has created interactive books for kids, embedded systems for simulating massive Radio Frequency (RF) environments, designed a scalable layer 2 network service for a satellite ground system, and led a technical team bringing WiFi to remote Latin American communities. Bryan is a lifelong learner. He thrives on working with incredibly smart people and solving hard problems. When not working, Bryan loves spending time with his family, playing pick-up soccer, brewing beer, BBQing, and playing board games.
Anoop Jakka
Anoop is a trained expert in Computer Vision and Robotics. Over his career, he has developed solutions in the areas of Visual Object Tracking, Localization and Mapping. His main interests are in SLAM, 3D Reconstruction and Visual Object attribute Learning. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Vision and Robotics from UC Riverside. Anoop is excited about the opportunity to integrate core robotics and computer vision technology as part of Yembo’s AI software stack.
Noel Kennebeck
Noel is a full-stack software engineer who enjoys creating intuitive and scalable applications. She was a student-athlete at Colgate University where she majored in Computer Science and Women's Studies, and began her career at Wayfair in Boston. At Wayfair, she worked on supplier web applications serving over 50k users and developed a love for solving problems with cutting-edge technology. Noel is passionate about positively impacting the world with code... as well as baking delicious bread.
Sar Perlman
Sar is a software developer and engineering leader with a decade of full stack experience building highly available web and back-end applications. Before joining Yembo, he led several large-scale customer and internal engineering projects at Imperfect Foods, and was the lead engineer at DataStax where he scaled their learning platform by 20x and architected a variety of big data, analytics, API and integration projects. Sar is passionate about creating resilient, scalable systems that deliver value to business and are a joy to use by customers.
Marguerite Shuster
Marguerite is a web developer and designer. She graduated from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where she studied Psychology and Communications. After moving to San Diego, she worked in the hospitality industry before discovering her passion for drawing vector graphics and creating User Interfaces. She is excited to contribute and build her skills on the Yembo team.
Rita Sus
Rita is a Melbourne based visual artist of academic training, working in versatile media. She holds a Master’s Degree in Theory and History of Fine Arts, and First Class Bachelor’s degree in Animation (University of Westminster, UK). Driven by her great interest in astrophotography, she attended the Astronomy courses at the Royal Observatory (Greenwich, London).
Rita is a big fan of aesthetics with passion for detail and quality craft. Outside of work she spends most of her time in the art galleries and taking photos of the night sky and skateboarding.
Evan Tam
Evan is a software engineer with 7+ years of experience. He specializes in scaling and maintaining large web services. Evan holds a bachelors in computer science. Evan is passionate about creating new technologies that will benefit society.
Devin Waltman
Devin is a machine learning engineer focused on improving Yembo's object detection AI. He writes tools for gathering and processing data, training AI models, and analyzing their performance. He has a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, and is pursuing a master's degree in computer science with a specialization in machine learning.

Customer Success

Marla Rogers
Marla is an experienced Customer Success professional with a background working with B2B SaaS companies in Boston and San Diego. She graduated from Allegheny College with two Bachelor’s degrees in History and French before moving to France to teach English in the Loire Valley. She began working in SaaS in 2016 and has been in Customer Success since then, working with customers in support, onboarding, training, and strategizing. In her free time, she likes cooking, hiking, reading (especially non-fiction history books!), and finding cute animals to pet.
Bill Slade
Bill is a Customer Success leader with years of experience helping clients achieve results, first in the health field and now for the last five years in B2B software. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Pomona College and a master’s degree in movement science from Columbia University.
Emily Sullivan
Emily is a Customer Success Manager with years of experience in the SaaS space. First, as a Sales Development Representative, Emily worked with a variety of high profile companies, across the software industry, to reach and exceed their sales goals. Then, as an Online Community Manager, Emily worked closely with clients to create strategic plans that would reach organizational goals utilizing online community software. Emily was responsible for driving engagement on the platform as well as providing best practices to her clients. Emily is excited to join the Yembo team and work with customers to help best utilize Yembo! She holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from Virginia Tech. Outside of work, Emily loves working out, reading, and cheering on Pittsburgh sports teams.
John Tran
John Tran is a customer success manager at Yembo, where he builds relationships with clients, learns about their companies, and helps them achieve their goals and objectives. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entertainment Management Tourism. He spent nine years in the moving industry where, as a product manager, he was involved in the creation of three commercial move applications, one of which won the prestigious CIO Award in 2018. He's a techie at heart, and he likes to challenge the status quo.


John Barros
John is an experienced operator with a background in the printing, tech, music, and food industries. John has a BA in Music (Composition, Orchestration, Theory) from the University of California Berkeley. After receiving his degree, John successfully founded and scaled a food production/service company focused on government commodities. From there has brought his operational and growth/innovation abilities to the printing and tech industries. Often dubbed a "renaissance man" by his peers, he works to inspire harmony and organization with each project he joins.
Max Bergen
Max is responsible for developing and executing the sales strategy at Yembo. He is an accomplished sales leader with extensive experience in SaaS and building high performing teams. Before joining Yembo, Max was the third employee at TrendKite (acquired by Cision) where he built the entire sales methodology, led the acquisition of the first 1000 customers in three years, trained and coached the top-performing salespeople, and was responsible for shaping the company’s culture of winning and success. Prior to TrendKite, Max helped manage investment portfolios for high-net-worth clients at BlackRock and earned his BS in Finance from the University of Maryland-College Park. He likes to spend his free time traveling the world to surf and ski.
Priscilla Choi
Priscilla Choi is a member of the Yembo marketing team, focusing on building Yembo’s presence through product marketing, demand generation and branding. Prior to joining Yembo, she worked at various tech/SaaS companies to jumpstart and expand marketing efforts across different acquisition channels. She most recently held the position of Marketing Manager for a SaaS company operating in the mechanical contractor/home services space. In her previous roles, Priscilla helped build out the marketing team & functions, establish branding & communications best practices, and redesign/optimize the company website (increasing monthly organic traffic by 15%+). Priscilla holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce & Business (concentrations in Marketing & Management) with a minor in International Studies from Rhodes College.
Kellen Damico
Kellen is an account executive on the sales team based in Denver, CO. He has over 7 years of experience successfully selling SaaS solutions. He comes to us by way of 3BL Media, ScaleFactor and Datanyze. Kellen attributes his business success to TrendKite where he was promoted 4 times and one of the first reps to reach $1 Million in new business under Andrew and Max’s leadership. Aside from business success, Kellen is also a former collegiate and professional Tennis player including accolades and accomplishments such as All-American Captain and Junior Wimbledon Champion.
Andrew Dodd
Andrew is an account executive on the sales team based in Austin, TX. He has a wealth of experience in SaaS sales (10+ years). Most recently, he worked for a computer vision software company in the construction industry, StructionSite, where he partnered with specialty contractors to bring a first of its kind product to market for automating production tracking. Prior to StructionSite, he spent 4 years on the sales team at TrendKite (alongside Max) where he was consistently a top individual contributor before being promoted to management. As a manager, he earned the opportunity to move to London for a year to build their European operations from the ground up. By the time he left TrendKite, he was the #1 in all time sales. Outside of Yembo, Andrew can be found traveling, tending to his garden, hitting the gym, and figuring out how to be a father to his 1 y/o daughter, Lyla, along with his beautiful wife, Amy, and their shih tzu, Dr. Evil.
Faisal Qureshi
Faisal is responsible for developing and executing the marketing strategy at Yembo. He’s a startup veteran with a unique blend of entrepreneurial and executive experience, across multiple early stage VC-backed startups. Prior to joining Yembo, Faisal was VP of marketing and a board advisor at Hightail, a B2B SaaS company where he helped create the positioning and go-to-market strategy that resulted in a successful acquisition (acquired by OpenText). In a prior life, he’s been a founder twice - and has raised capital from VC's such as Kleiner Perkins and Bessemer Venture Partners. An innovator, builder, and marketer - Faisal has startup DNA in his blood. He is an alumnus of Florida International University in Miami.
Meggan Schlaud
Meggan is a Sales Development Representative based out of Chicago, IL. She joins Yembo with over 7 years of experience in the moving and storage industry. Prior to joining Yembo, Meggan worked for New World Van Lines. At New World, she held multiple capacities throughout the company including Billing Coordinator, Internal Auditor, and Marking & Communications Coordinator. In addition, Meggan is a certified Cumminco MAGIC ® facilitator. MAGIC, which stands for Make a Great Impression on the Customer, is a customer service focused course that ensures consistently exceptional service to both internal and external customers. In her free time, Meggan enjoys playing card games, working out, and exploring new trails with her dog, Jackson.
Jackie Smailis
Jackie is a Sales Development Representative focusing on a better customer experience and interpersonal relationships between Yembo and customers. Jackie attended Purdue University as a division 1 swimmer, while obtaining a double major in Selling and Sales Management and Retail Management with a focus in Entrepreneurship. After graduation, Jackie was hired as a Market Development Representative and within the first year promoted to Sales Development Representative. She thrives in a competitive work environment surrounded by a great team. Jackie’s focus at Yembo is to educate and empower the consumer to advance the industry of moving while integrating artificial intelligence. She is passionate about sustainable living and outdoor activities with her dog Cash!

Our Investors

Imagen Capital Partners
Imagen Capital Partners was founded in 2016 by former EagleView Technology (a leading geospatial and data analytics company selling into the Insurance vertical that resulted in a large private equity acquisition in 2015) executives - Chris Barrow and John Polchin. Imagen Capital Partners are excited to bring their expertise in the property insurance market - to enable Yembo's solution to be widely adopted by insurance carriers, claims adjusters, and the general contractor market.
Steve Altman
Former Vice Chairman & President, Qualcomm

Mr. Altman was employed by Qualcomm Incorporated for 24 years from 1989 until his retirement from the company in January 2014, at which time he was Vice Chairman of Qualcomm.

Mr. Altman also served as President of Qualcomm from July 2005 to November 2011 and is considered the chief architect of Qualcomm’s strategy for licensing its broad intellectual property portfolio for wireless communications.
Arjun Bansal
CEO XOKind, former VP of AI Intel, former co-founder Nervana Systems (sold to Intel for >$400M)

Prior to co-founding XOKind, Arjun was a vice president in the Artificial Intelligence Products Group at Intel where he led a large AI software and research effort that spanned the United States, Israel and Poland. Arjun joined Intel after the acquisition of Nervana Systems, a company he co-founded. Nervana developed a new computational paradigm consisting of a cloud to silicon stack designed for deep learning AI. Arjun oversaw development of Nervana's software framework and led engagements across vertical industries, including agriculture, automotive, energy, finance, government and online services. Before founding Nervana in 2014, Arjun worked at Qualcomm on brain-inspired computing for robotics and mobile applications. Arjun holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Caltech and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Brown. He has written more than a dozen published works on topics related to brain-machine interfaces, machine learning applied to computational neuroscience, deep learning and AI. Arjun was recently chosen as a 40 under 40 by Fortune magazine. Arjun has been invited to share his thoughts on AI and its implications for humankind at several conferences in the US, Europe and China, including Fortune Brainstorm Tech, O’Reilly AI, Re.Work, Stanford Future Fest and WebSummit, as well as Forbes publication and the Simulation show.
Lucian Iancovici
Principal TPG Global, Former Qualcomm Ventures, McKinsey

Lucian Iancovici is a Principal with TPG Growth based in San Francisco. Prior to joining TPG, Lucian was a GP at dRx Capital and led the Qualcomm Life Fund. Among the investments Lucian led or co-led are Edico Genome (acquired by Illumina) and Fitbit. Previously, Lucian worked at McKinsey & Company. Lucian is a board certified internal medicine doctor and practiced in New York prior to joining McKinsey and Company.
Michael Stone
TPG Capital

Michael Stone is the Chief Investment Officer of The Rise Fund and a Senior Advisor and Partner with TPG Growth. He is also the Founder and Managing Member of FS Investors, a family office. Prior to that, Michael was Founder and non-executive Chairman of J.H. Whitney Investment Management, LLC, which focused on Asia based investment management, and he is retired Senior Partner and past President of J.H. Whitney & Co., a diversified manager of alternative investment assets and the country's first venture capital firm. Mr. Stone is a member of the San Diego Chapter of YPO Gold and is on the Boards of The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and The Library Advisory Board at Duke University. He serves on the Madison Council at the Library of Congress, the Dean’s Advisory Council at The Rady School of Business at UCSD, the Board of Advisors for the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library, and the Investment Committee of Rady Children’s Hospital.