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Core Values

We are a team of creators, problem solvers, engineers, designers and trusted advisors who are deeply passionate about solving tough problems for the home-services industry using Artificial Intelligence that enables service providers striving to always be best-in-class to offer a 21st century experience for their customers.

To be successful we need ...

Teamwork - Look out for each other and the good of the company; earn trust

Focus on the customers - Delight customers; understand needs; appreciate what they do

Continuous improvement - Seek undiscovered needs/opportunities for improvement

Fulfillment - Find happiness and well-being through understanding value and purpose; enjoy the work; have fun

10x - Shoot for outsized impact and effectiveness; be mindful of what you don't know; be humble

That means we need to be great at...

Communication - Share information thoughtfully; ask great questions; be respectful

Ownership - Take responsibility for all outcomes; do what we said we will do

Adaptability - Do whatever it takes; wear multiple hats; fill gaps

Learning - Grow in knowledge; explore new thinking; learn from mistakes

Execution - Identify clear goals/priorities; keep moving forward; avoid distractions