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Your customers’
expectations are changing.

Yembo’s AI-protected moving software suite provides the worry-free and smooth experience that today's customers want - from survey to communication to contract to packing inventory to claims.

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America's most respected moving companies use Yembo.

Our partnership with Yembo ensures we are providing our customers with a 21st Century move experience. Being able to survey a house or office by simply pointing and clicking a smart phone using the Yembo interface helps us instantly develop an inventory and estimate. Yembo's product is now our virtual survey tool of choice.

- David Cox, Executive Vice President

With Yembo, we have been able to complete surveys quickly and accurately without interruption to our customer’s schedules. It is an impressive tool that is a game-changer in the industry.

- Nick Kramer, Inside Sales

With Yembo we’re able to expedite the sales process. Getting that survey in is so important to us, and our closing ratios have been much higher using Yembo than the traditional method.

- John Burrows, President International Moving Services

Before Yembo, we had a difficult time servicing after-hours surveys or customers who prefer little-to-no contact. Yembo has been a game-changer for us, allowing us to cater to the unique preferences of each customer while also maximizing our ability to capture every bit of revenue possible.

- Justyn Cole, VP Sales

Yembo is more than a survey solution. Using AI-enabled Yembo surveys is the single best approach to deliver a quality move, manage your business smarter, and improve customer experience from survey all the way to claims

Utilize 21st-century sales technology

  • Faster lead-to-survey time
  • 24/7 survey capabilities integrated into your site
  • Quote and e-sign with a single button click

Ensure a quality move for your customers from start to finish

  • Provide visual inventory for clarity and transparency
  • Communicate with your customers the way they want - via text message
  • Ensure the crew delivers a quality experience

Manage your business smarter

  • Save time surveying, quoting, booking
  • Use built-in audit tools to eliminate expensive errors
  • Use collected data to settle claims faster and more accurately