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Close More Moving Customers, Faster.

Yembo uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create your inventory list in real time. No appointments. No waiting.

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Supercharge your sales process while reducing operating costs.


More Booked Jobs

Your customers will love how fast you can get back to them once you are supercharged with Yembo's AI. Use our beautiful visual inventory to drive trust and engagement.


More Same-Day Closes

You get an accurate inventory within minutes of your customer visiting your website.


More Surveys Per Estimator Each Day

With Yembo AI doing the heavy lifting, your estimators can handle five times more customers per day, reducing your operations cost.

A Simpler Process

The process to schedule and execute a traditional video survey can take one to three days at every step and will yield a non-transparent, static inventory. With Yembo the process only takes a few minutes and the end result is a transparent, interactive inventory.

How We're Different