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Yembo enables an interactive and immediate experience

With a Video Survey

Time Consuming and Inconvenient

After going through the hassle of a 45 minute video survey, the inventory your customer receives can’t adapt to their last minute changes


Available 24/7 and Takes Only Minutes

Your customers record videos in just a few minutes, and they can adjust the visual inventory just like an online shopping cart

Yembo enables an accelerated sales cycle

With a Video Survey

Multiple Days to Book a Move

While you are waiting to schedule a video survey with your customers, they are shopping around with your competitors


Real-time Inventory

Book the customer immediately after they visit your site. Yembo AI works in real time.

Yembo simplifies your operations

With a Video Survey

Staffing and Management Burden

More customers are great, but they come with the overhead of staffing and managing video surveyors


Reduce your management stress

With Yembo’s patented technology, you can close more customers with your existing workforce

Yembo enables new acquisition channels powered by machine learning

With a Video Survey

Only an Estimation Tool

Video surveys were only designed for a traditional sales process. They don’t adapt to modern consumer expectations.


Add New Customer Acquisition Channels

With Yembo you can acquire new customers with additional channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Optimize conversions with built-in machine learning.

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